Unity360 Race Dialogues

A series of facilitated public forums for Blacks, Whites and Latines to talk personally about racism and white supremacy. The dialogues are based on readings, films, including workshops.

The strategic objectives:
(1) Create an environment of safety to allow for difficult dialogue
(2) Help participants develop a common understanding and vocabulary around white privilege, implicit bias, and systemic/structural racism
(3) Expand understanding of US history, with an emphasis on the painful legacy of racial violence as an impediment to the advancement in PoC.

Awkward Dinner

Awkward Dinners are intended to gather small groups of diners in public or private spaces for facilitated discussions on race. In contrast with our award-winning Unity360 Community Race Dialogues, where we can have from 30 to 70 participants, Awkward Dinners provide a more intimate setting in which to express feelings and be heard, and the chance to learn how to disrupt racism in our daily lives.  The “awkward” part comes when participants step outside of their comfort zones to share and learn from diverse perspectives on race.

The bottom line is simple: we want Whites and People of Color to get to know each other personally and use this unique discussion format to test their fears, debunk stereotypes, and develop empathy.

Black History Month

​Our ​program​s​ ha​ve​ become an annual event in Miami Shores with poetry, music, film and art to educate on and honor the contributions of PoC.

Black History of Miami Shores
Exhibit Opening Reception
Thursday February 6, 2020
Miami Shores Multipurpose Center

Racial Justice 2020
Panel Discussion
Thursday February 19, 2020
Miami Theatre Center

What Is Black III
Dark Girls movie screening
Thursday February 27, 2020
Barry University

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

We provide ​training for businesses, organizations, and schools.  Our goal is to help you move towards an organizational culture in which all feel included and valued in order to thrive. We utilize experiential education and deep dialogue, as well as sharing key terminology, to explore aspects of identity, implicit bias, and structural and institutional oppression that affect all people. Trainings are engaging and can be tailored to clients’ needs through Organizational Cultural Assessments that will help pinpoint any potential issues or challenges, so as to deliver custom content with the most impact.