UNITY360I Cultural Events

Introducing our transformative educational community programming, where we bring together diverse individuals to create a vibrant tapestry of ideas and forge meaningful connections. Our goal is to bridge racial, ethnic, and cultural divides through immersive experiences in history, arts, and culture. By fostering profound dialogues, we aim to heal divides and promote unity and understanding.

At the heart of our approach is customization. We recognize that each client and community has unique needs, and we prioritize tailoring our programming accordingly. Our commitment to customization ensures that our initiatives resonate deeply, fostering genuine inclusivity and a sense of belonging. We believe that by offering personalized experiences, we can create powerful connections among people with varied identities.

Our programs go beyond mere information sharing and knowledge dissemination. We believe in the power of experiential activities and storytelling to facilitate profound engagement. Through interactive experiences and captivating narratives, we encourage individuals to connect with these subjects on a deeper level. Our approach promotes perspective shifts and enhances understanding, leaving a lasting impact on participants.

Join us in our mission to create a more inclusive society, where people from diverse backgrounds can come together in a spirit of unity and understanding. Let us weave a new narrative, one that celebrates diversity, fosters connections, and transforms lives.

Black History of Miami Shores
Exhibit Opening Reception
Thursday February 6, 2020
Miami Shores Multipurpose Center

Racial Justice 2020
Panel Discussion
Thursday February 19, 2020
Miami Theatre Center

What Is Black III
Dark Girls movie screening
Thursday February 27, 2020
Barry University