During the racial reckoning of 2020, we saw the power of allyship and racial unity in the service to social justice. Since 2015, SFPOC has been leading the charge for creating a more fair and inclusive community in South Florida using our unique blend of educational and experiential programming. Your membership with the SFPOC will enable us to continue its work to cultivate equity and inclusion in our region.

South Florida People of Color (SFPoC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit racial healing organization dedicated to disrupting racism and bigotry by providing creative programs for open dialogue and personal interaction across racial, ethnic, and cultural divides. These encounters break down biases and stereotypes and help participants build empathetic relationships which are key elements of disrupting racism on a personal level and eventually a systemic level.

Since 2016, we’ve hosted hundreds of participants through our unique programming--Unity360 Community Race Dialogues, Awkward Dinners, and our Racial Healing Book Club--to name a few. In the years since our founding, the need for antiracist education and racial healing have only expanded. We want to build our capacity to meet this demand, and to continue our work of eradicating racism and social injustice.

Your membership is a demonstration of your support of the South Florida People of Color and its mission to create spaces where people can learn about the dangers of racial bias and systemic racism, as well as to heal those who have been harmed by this exclusion. With your help, we can expand our movement to create a truly inclusive and equitable society. Your gift will allow us to continue to offer our community-based antiracism programs throughout South Florida.


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