Celebrating Music as a form of Resistance, Joy and Love!

SFPoC x BCC invites you to their second annual Diversity of the African Diaspora.  On Sunday February 19th at 2pm, we will take a walk down Black Music memory lane and showcase a varied genre of African rooted music such as R&B, Jazz, Funk, Hip-Hop, The Blues and more - because we are a musical mosaic in South Florida! Guests are welcome to complimentary passed hors d’oeuvres, a liquor tasting, live soul and Jazz performances, poetry readings, and more.

Music is, and has always been, a form of Black Resistance, Joy, and Love!

Throughout our history, music was used as a way for Black people to be resilient and resist the oppression they were facing. From early spirituals born out of the unconscionable hardships of slavery, to the creation of folk and gospel, to the evolution of rhythm and blues and jazz, to the ascendance of rock & roll, rap, and hip-hop — Black music has shaped our society, entertained and inspired us, and helped write and tell the story of our Nation.

Lyric Theater History Built in 1913, the Lyric Theater quickly became a major entertainment center for blacks in Miami.


The Sir John Hotel was originally built as the Lord Calvert Hotel in 1951, and was home to the popular nightclub Knight Beat.


The story begins in 1896.  This was the year the City of Miami was founded with approximately one-third of the signatures of the city charter being black men...


Let’s go back in time to dazzling 1960s Miami. Recall icons like The Rat Pack cavorting around Miami Beach’s glittering nightclubs. It was in Miami Beach in 1964 when Muhammad Ali


In the history as written, soul music and R&B are inextricably linked to two American cities: Detroit and Memphis. A new book and recent documentaries are making the case for a third city in that holy rolling trinity: Miami.




MO BEASLY​ - ​MC / Host
- performer, published author, and activist

LAVIE w| Band
With special guest saxophonist Douglas G. MacDonald
- recording artist, songwriter, and professional actress.
Omage American Hand-crafted Brandy and O’rte 100% Agave Tequila
Spirit tastings of Omage American Hand-crafted Brandy and O’rte 100% Agave Tequila, courtesy of Brand House Group, a Black-owned Distributor.